Society News [Archives:2005/841/Local News]

May 12 2005

Yemeni-Saudi trade exchange increases by 83 percent in 2004.

Yemen and Germany held their annual discussions of support to Yemen in various fields of development on Sunday.

Yemen would participate in the 2nd regional conference on Sustainable Energy of Middle East and North Africa in Amman on Monday.

Yemen's Minister for Human Rights Amat al-Aleem Alsoswa left the country on Sunday after a three-day visit in which she shared her country's experiences with Indonesia on dealing with human rights issues.

Yemen participated in the 2nd regional conference on sustainable energy of Middle East and North Africa held in Jordanian capital Amman on 9 May.

Members of Yemeni side to meetings of the Yemeni-Saudi Joint Border Committee headed for Germany on Saturday to attend the committee's 17th meeting.

Yemen and the United States of America discussed on Sunday the improvement of their bilaterally advantageous relations in different areas.

Italy would allocate Euro 1300000 to support health sector in Yemen, especially in the long term.