Society news [Archives:2005/857/Local News]

July 7 2005

– A computer training course started in Aden on Sunday. 35 children from different phases of education participated in this course. It is organized by the National Aden Bookshop in coordination with Swedish organization for Child care (RADA BANEN Sweden).The course aims at developing youth skills to tackle modern technology.

– The refreshing and training course for mentally retarded; started in Aden on Sunday. It includes the deaf, the disabled and blind in Aden Governorate schools. It is organized by the Alrahma charitable society in coordination with the Swedish organization for child care.

– The International Health Organization, honored Sunday in Cairo, the two Yemeni artists, Nabiel Hizam and Mohamed Aqeel, for their distinctive part in the health field. They were given the organization's health shield, for their role in supporting anti smoking campaign, immunization the urge for education.

– The woman forum for study and Training WFRT on Monday the 4th of July participated in making the Federal Center for Human Rights in the Arab World (NAS), which included several Arab countries in addition to Yemen. The center aims at spreading the Human Rights culture based on law and justice. It also aims at spreading non violence culture.

– Alafief cultural establishment honored the poet Saleh Abdo Aldahan and the writer Saeed Aljeraik for their part in Literature and tradition.

– The training and applied computer system course, started Tuesday in Aden. 14 women participate in this course. It aims at training women in order to obtain computer skills, to prepare development plans.