Society news [Archives:2005/859/Local News]

July 14 2005

– Al-Rahmah Foundation for Human Development held an open day in Sana'a on Tuesday July 12 for charitable works and extending help to the needy.

– The Women National committee staged a workshope in Sana'a on Monday July 11 in which it displayed consequences of early marriage. The workshop was carried out by the Woman and Development Studies Center at Sana'a University.

– The Yemeni Women Union inaugurated the campaign of supporting woman's political participation and girls' education in Sana'a on Wednesday July 13 with the aim to enhance the role of Yemeni women in the process of development.

– In cooperation with the French Embassy in Sana'a, the Women Issues Supporting Center inaugurated in Sana'a on Monday July 11 the program of the rural woman and her economic empowerment.

– The Yemeni Journalists Syndicate held a workshop on Wednesday July 13 on the new legislation of journalism in Yemen with the aim to discuss the press and publications law. The event was attended by experts from international organizations interested in journalism and a number of Yemeni journalists.

– A German charitable association is intending to send 12 Yemeni children to Germany this month to receive treatment within its annual program of providing healthcare for Yemeni children.

– The third coordination meeting for the project of reinforcing working women's administrative abilities was held Tuesday July 13 at the Yemeni Women Union in Taiz.

– As part of its activities, the Future Charitable Association conducted fair and free elections last week in which the marginalized people in Yemen elected their new leadership. It is this association, which won the 2005 World Bank Contest.

– A special workshop for maturing the legal awareness of people about human and women rights is due to be held next Saturday in the city of Aden. The workshop will beimplemented by the Human Rights Information & Training Center in cooperation with the UN Development Program.