Socotra among world’s heritages [Archives:2004/710/Local News]

February 9 2004

Mohammed bin Sallam
Saba news agency said on Wednesday that Socotra island would soon be included among the group of world natural heritage areas that already includes 70 areas all over the world.
The brings back to mind what researchers have proved that the island is rich with 30% of very rare plants in the world and also confirms announcement by the UNICEF in that Socotra represents a world heritage for humanity.
The news agency added that the project on preserving and developing Socotra archipelago would lead to dividing the island into sanctuary areas and others for development.
It pointed out that the project of biodiversity that had been implemented in the island in 1997 aimed at full promotion for that biodiversity. The island is distinguished by as well as giving information on its vital importance.
The second stage of the project that is extended to 2008 focuses on issues related to sustainable development of the island. It aims at implementation of development projects that would not harm the island's environment but rather offer services to the island's inhabitants.
It is to be recalled that the total cost of this stage amounts to $5 million to be equally financed by the Yemeni government and the UN Development Program.