Socotra Archipelago Master Plan Workshop [Archives:2000/24/Local News]

June 12 2000

The European Commission allocated under its Development Cooperation Program with Yemen EURO 1 million for the development of a comprehensive Master plan for the Archipelago of Socotra. The project, which commenced in October 1999 is scheduled to complete in 15 months and will see the involvement of more than 30 Yemeni and European subject matter specialists.
The Master Plan will establish a land use plan and a phased and cost overall development scenario for the islands in harmony with the bio-diversity conservation strategies adopted by the government for Socotra.
In this context, the ministry of Planning and Development, the Environment Protection Council and the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Urban Planning are jointly holding a workshop in Sana’a on 12-13 June 2000, during which phase 1 finding and Recommendations of the Master Plan project will be presented and discussed.