Socotra homes damaged by flooding [Archives:2006/951/Front Page]

June 1 2006

SOCOTRA, May 31 – The number of Socotra homes reportedly damaged by heavy rains has reached 32, according to an island Red Cross office report.

For his part, Director of Socotra District, Ahmed Al-Awadi told September 26 Net, “Losses were large, particularly on the southern coast where flooding killed 1,360 sheep, 11 cows and nine camels. Also, 300 date trees were washed away and 11 water ponds were damaged as well. Additionally, a fishing boat was wrecked and large foodstuff quantities were destroyed in Atbarah, Handaq, Bedhaula, Stero, Al-Mahta, Muharb, Syar Wadi and Dafshah on the southern coast. Damages in Shuab Asharti were gross and have not been registered.

Al-Awadi also called upon concerned authorities to provide the damaged areas with tents and foodstuffs, in addition to other necessary appliances to be distributed among citizens.

Informed sources noted that it is difficult to carry urgent aid to the island, “Only if the government is keen and feels responsible to bring such aid via military transport planes. Many Yemeni companies and establishments are ready to send aid, but who will transport it?”