Solidarity against attacks [Archives:2005/808/Viewpoint]

January 17 2005

What happened to's headquarters last week is a serious reminder that all newspapers and news providers in the country, regardless of political affiliation, should stand in solidarity with each other when any are attacked.

The fact that is a news source of the ruling party, the General People's Congress, shows that none of us is immune. We may all be subject to any kind of attack at any time. What is needed right now is to ensure that we have a common stance against all forms of violence and terrorism.

It was indeed a source of hope to see newspapers of all affiliations standing by in its plight, and expressing that condemnation and stance against violence crosses all boundaries and makes all united.

Furthermore, such incidents give the chance to show that whatever differences we may have in opinion or views, that should never reflect on our relations as colleagues who respect and stand for each other at all times.

Meanwhile, this attack has also reminded us of the security concerns in the country. It is common to hear news of grenade attacks and shooting in various parts of the country, but for such an event to happen in the heart of Sana'a and in an apartment of a building located in the diplomatic neighborhood should trigger an alarm.

Some would say that those elements are sick extremists who want to flex their muscles and take advantage of the availability of weapons and arms markets throughout the country. But what is frightening is that the attackers are still at large, and investigations could not lead to their names, affiliations, or even their motives.

So this raises a lot of questions of potential risk for other newspapers and news providers.

As Yemen Times, we lead independent newspapers in supporting as we know that it is our duty to do so. We also urge others to participate in standing strong against violence and aggression and forget all differences in views and opinions. We share the same profession, same ideals, and the same responsibility in acting as professionals this time, and every other.