Solidarity Association sets up its budget [Archives:2005/852/Local News]

June 20 2005

The meeting of the General Secretariat of Solidarity and Social Care Association was held at Al-Sa'eed Cultural Forum's Hall. The meeting was devoted to reviewing the Association's activities during 2004 and setting up the general budget.

Dr. Ali al-Shaibani, Association's President, submitted the report on the Association's activities over the past eight years in terms of training course.

The number of training beneficiaries between 1998 to 2004 reached 1476. Six course were organized by DIA, IDAS and the Social Fund for Development from 2002-2004. The number of participants was 77 focusing on handcrafts, makeup and making gowns. The number of the benefited families in 2004 reached 433, while the eight year total is 1597 with a total amount of expenditure to the tune of YR 13 million.

About 8675 cases benefited from these aids. Concerning shows, the Association held four shows in 2004. The total number of shows since 1999 reached 19. Regarding loans, about YR 1,579,385 were spent on 27 families since the introduction of the loan service into the Association in at the end of 2004. It is an independent department under the title “Credit and Saving Department”

Supported by the World Bank, the Association constructed a housing city with 240 units located in Ba'rarah area, Taiz. The city is almost completed and the beneficiaries will move to it this month as scheduled by the WB. The city will be needing other facilities such as a mosque, police station, school, and handcraft training center which should be provided by the State.

Concerning the Association's new projects, there is a project focusing on street children which is supervised by Taiz Governor Ahmed Abdullah al-Hajri and Mohammed al-Haj, Local Council's Secretary General. .

The Governor thanked the Solidarity and Social Care Association for its efforts.