Solution is in the hand of President400 families live under threat [Archives:2005/871/Local News]

August 25 2005

By Aden Bureau
ADEN- Around 400 families in the al-Tawahi District or Presidency zone lead unstable lives dominated by fear and concern. The anxiety is due to aged housing in which they have been living for about 40 years.

A number of locals in the zone stated a few days ago: “We have lived near the Presidential Palace for 40 years and never felt any harassment by any former officials. After achieving national unity, we were surprised to see that directives were issued by President Saleh ordering us to evacuate our houses in return for compensation.” This was in spite of the fact those residents claim to posses authentic ownership documents.

Since they were ordered to desert their houses, they have not been renovated or repaired and are now destabilized by fissures and cracks.

“Whenever we start rehabilitating our aged houses, the Security guards at the Presidential Palace prevent us from taking any construction articles to our houses, and they confiscate any construction tools they find”, one local says.

Residents have raised numerous complaints to Dr. Yahya al-Shuaibi, Governor of Aden to articulate the danger in which they now lead their lives. Dr. al-Shuaibi toured the zone, though there has been no subsequent progress. Some have even appealed directly to the President to repeal the order denying them the liberty to improve their homes. For now however, residents live in fear for their property and the lives of their loved ones.