Some Arabs do not know much about Yemen! [Archives:2002/07/Focus]

February 11 2002

I would just like to say that I am quite pleased to see The Yemen Times is doing well and reporting freely issues that are happening in Yemen. I enjoy reading it and hope that YT continues to maintain its strong position. However, I would like to see more issues regarding local people, society, tourism and human rights.
Also, I am always sad to read about the kidnapping problems that have plagued Yemen. It breaks my heart and unfortunately means that potential investors and tourists will avoid coming to the country. Yemen without doubt is a beautiful country rich in agriculture and its kind people, at the same time, poor and continues to adopt ancient traditional tribal cultures which Yemen needs to eliminate in order to develop and catch up with the rest of the Arab world.
By the same token, would you believe that not much is known about Yemen in the Arab world? Isnt that shocking?!
Speaking to a number of Arabs I got to know, they all ask, What is Yemen like? and Are Yemeni culture like Egyptian culture? stupid but innocent questions being asked by Arabs in the West. I just hope Yemen does the following:
1. Develop the country and eliminate tribal tensions or at least control them.
2. Enforce Law and order
3. Promote human rights and freedom of speech
4. Prevent sexual discrimination act, i.e., to give women same rights as a man
5. Promote education standards to the level of most other Arab countries
6. Keep the country CLEAN like the rest of gulf regions. This could perhaps be done by educating local communities through a governmental strategy group.
Roger Stranger
[email protected]