Some thoughts [Archives:2006/915/Community]

January 26 2006

Dennis Newland
[email protected]

I am a Christian or at least I like to think so. Howeve nobody on this planet is perfect or ever will be.

In my view all who use violence in the name of their religion to either remove people they don't like or those that do not practice their religion are flawed. Look at the so called Christian leaders of the past who believed they held power over the kings of the middle ages in europe. In the dark ages people could be burnt at the stake for simply owning a Bible. Even though they belieed in Christ and sincerely practiced his views that did not suit the religious leaders of the day and they were consequently murdered as heretics.

Often where ever you find large ancient buildings in a civilisation you will find government by fear. Tall pyramids in South America were often sacrificial sites used by “high priests” (of what I may ask) and rulers to keep the peasants under control.

In this respect wherever you have one section of the community paid (often far above their worth) and supported predominately by the workers to sit in governance and dream up even better ways to control the populace you will have peace for a while. However slowly those in power become greedy and want more and more wealth and even respect and this ultimately drains the wealth generated by the workers of the nation till they become poor and rebellion finally comes.

We are all here on this planet and we all have a measure of faith and ability which in turn helps to support our neighbors and they us. Why is the garbage collector worth less than the politician?

In New York when the rubbish collectors went on strike the place became a health hazard and it stank. Under those conditions who is worth more.

If a democratic country elects a government surely it is for all people not just a select few who by their measure of ability simply make money. Ultimately money is worthless unless it can buy something that has been produced for payment.

If I live in the jungles of New Guinea in a small tribal village hunting for my daily food and weaving baskets or other goods that I can exchange from those with other abilities then am I poor? No. But if you build a copper mine near my village and pay those who work their and reduce my rights to live according to my customs and force me to buy from the company store then do I become poor? Yes.

Poverty is caused by money. Money was designed to spread wealth easily not keep 10% of the world in luxury at the expense of the rest.Simply put one of the first rules of government is to make those you govern dependent,

It is an evil world where evil and temptation lurks in every corner to tempt the righteous of all faiths.

In my book of faith it says that even after the next coming when I believe the world will be straightened out as it was in Noahs time in the next thousand years after that point we will learn to live together. yet even in that time Satan will be loosed again to go forth throughout the earth to spread his evil ways.

Once again at the end of that time and after further refining of “Gods” people those who follow the evil one will will be cast out forever.

When I first came to Australia in 1969 it was in my mind almost heaven with a fairness and a degree of wealth for all regardless of skill.

However over the years I have seen a minority of people from European countries bring their hatreds with them and implant them in this land. I have seen a minority of immigrants from the middle east do the same. I have seen the money hungry and wealth grabbers strip this country of its fairness its beauty and its wealth and poverty strap the next generation.

Whilst this country is still good when compared to some it has declined unnecessarily and it is no longer heaven.

If I were God and had a place I would not let anyone in who might contaminate my place in any way. Harsh But True.

We are all the same -created by the same God therefore we are all brothers and sisters. Suicide bombers, terrorists, evil governments and dictators who kill their innocent brothers and sisters will never see the paradise they hope for.

We are all family. Treat your family well.