Song of Ramadan [Archives:2008/1195/Community]

October 2 2008

By Monassar Mohssin

How a nice it's day!

How a lovely it's night!

Sins,curses stand away,

But,Mercy, Lord's light,

So,everything goes okay,

and all Muslims feel alright.

If some days look heavy,

And others are less light,

All are fasting at any way,

with no pain,with no fight,

To mosque they run to pray

For one God Who is Al-might.

Long hours there they stay

Holding Holy Qur'an to recite

Lord's great Saying which may

Change black hearts into white,

Without hatred and nor envy,

With faces shining more bright

Rammadan means never to play

Long hours cards in the daylight,

But,it leads to the perfect way

Of behaving and of being polite.

Unlike June and Unlike May,

That Holy month is the favorite.

So all believers are full of joy.

All things are going to be straight.

And I am truely forced to say ,

I will be compelled to write;

How a nice is the day !

How a lovely is the night!