South African tourists cancel tours [Archives:2003/691/Local News]

December 4 2003

A number of tourist delegations were unable to visit Yemen during the last few weeks due to the suspension of direct flights to and from South Africa, according to Al-Salam Agency for Travel and Tourism.
The agency said that its efforts to focus on potential South African tourists have yielded fruits in the past due to the availability of direct flights.
The delegations used to come to Yemen to visit tourist sites and see natural beauties of the country for many years. But several delegations have recently cancelled their trip because of travel complexities.
“Several large groups of tourists who were supposed to visit Yemen in December have unfortunately cancelled their trips because of lack of transportation to Yemen directly. This requires that the Yemen Airways (Yemenia) resume its flights as soon as possible to activate the tours again and enable us to bring tourists,” a source at Al-Salam Agency told Yemen Times.
Mohamed Jameel, Yemen's Ambassador to South Africa, recently started his term in Pretoria, and has pledged to help increase the numbers of South African tourists coming to Yemen.