Southern Movement detainees released, traffic resumes on Sana’a-Aden road [Archives:2009/1227/Front Page]

January 22 2009

By: Ali Saeed and Fouad Mused
SANA'A, Jan 22 ) Mediation efforts between the government and the Southern Movement in Radfan, Aden, have resulted in an agreement to release the 103 detainees of the movement arrested following demonstrations held last week.

Last week security forces clashed with hundreds of Southern Movement protesters who were demanding equal opportunities and arrested them.

Following the arrests, more demonstrations were held demanding their release. Armed men have been blocking the Sana'a-Aden road for the same purpose since January 13.

The mediation committee reached an agreement to open the roads under the condition that all the detainees of the Southern Movement demonstration be freed. The Sana'a-Aden road was opened on Monday after the two bodies agreed to stop the escalation.

The agreement stated that all the detainees would be released, even those who blocked the road and clashed with security forces, and ensured that those released would not be subject to surveillance, according to a source from government security.

“Blocking the road was a natural reaction against the security forces' arresting the protesters in the reconciliation demonstration