Spacetel Yemen Launches New Services [Archives:2001/33/Local News]

August 13 2001

Spacetel Yemen the GSM Company held a press conference, Thursday 2 August, 2001 at the Taj Sheba Hotel which was attended by people of media, major approved distributors of the Company’s services and a number of prominent figures for celebrating the introduction of new services. Spacetel Yemen has made a great progress since its launch within the last couple of months as the number of subscribers have reached over than 22000 subscribers in more than 20 cities nationwide. An important new service provided by Spacetel Yemen is its new feature Spaceman which is a new innovative and simple service. Moreover, the pre-paid service (easy), a contract-free service is now provided at competitive prices and excellent services. The cost of subscribing at the pre-paid service has been also reduced from 12 thousands per 300 units lasting for 15 days to a new price with excellent content. The new subscription fees will be 9000 per 1500 units lasting for 12 weeks including sending and receiving short messages SMS, voiced e-mail and international calls free of charge. Furthermore, the international roaming service has been launched in Emirates, Jordan, Lebanon and Kuwait and the number of subscribers at Spacetel international roaming service in Emirates have totaled 400 subscribers which is on the rise day after day. At the end of 2001 the international roaming service will be accessible in most of the countries where GSM network is available.