SPAVTHolds Meeting to Develop A Communication Strategy [Archives:2002/02/Local News]

January 7 2002

A consultation meeting to develop a communication strategy, funded by the European Union, was organized by the Strengthening Priority Areas of Vocational Training Project (SPAVT) in coordination with The Ministry of Technical Education and Vocational Training during the period 5-6 January 2002 in the Hadda Hotel.
The consultation meeting was inaugurated by the vice Minister of Technical Education and Vocational Training, Engineer Abdulwahab al-Akil and attended by the Director of the EU Mission in Sanaa. The participants constituted members from 27 different institutions from government, non-government and the academia involved in training and communication fields, especially women technical and vocational training.
During the two-day meeting the issue of technical and vocational training for women was discussed in great detail and made reference to the following:
Placing the issue on the decision-makers agenda,
suggesting modern specialization to enable women to compete in the labor market,
developing a communication strategy for womens technical and vocational training, and
drawing a short and medium term plan of action for implementing the developed communication strategy.
The projects overall objective is to support the reform of the Yemens technical education and vocational training. Therefore, participation of women in education, training and employment is central to the work of the project, as it is concerned with strengthening and broadening the possibilities of women to train and work in areas other than traditional ones.
It becomes very apparent that the participation of women in the development process is vital in order to improve the very low social indicators of high population growth, high illiteracy rates, increasing unemployment and high poverty level.
The government and the EU jointly signed the project in 1997, with total funding of 8.8 million Euro. The project is coordinated with the Ministry of Technical Education and Vocational Training.