Special course on engineering ports [Archives:2004/771/Local News]

September 9 2004

By Saleh Akboor
Aden Bureau

The Yemen Ports Authority have organized a special intensive course on ports engineering at the Marine Training Center in Aden during the period from September 6th – 22nd 2004. The course aims to elevate the level of engineering at Yemeni ports.
Dr. Hamdi al-Qamhawi who is specialized in engineering ports and marine establishments in Alexandria University, is delivering lectures concerning the harbor's framework, marine establishments, winds, ebb and flood tides, waves, coast processes, and on many other topics, including the criteria of harbor design, control equipment, storing services, and glide problems.
The course is of significance because it aims to increase the level of Yemeni engineers coming from ports in Aden, Hodeida, and Al-Mukala so that they'll be able to participate in various projects being established in Yemeni ports.