Special Thanks to The Italian Medical Team [Archives:1999/43/Health]

October 25 1999

An Italian medical mission came to Yemen from the High Researches Center to make some operations at Al-Thawrah hospital. The Italian team consisted of a surgeon and three specialists in cardiology, namely they were, Bruno Murzi, Riccardo Moschetti, Sofia Redaelli and Habbner Britta.
This is not the first time that this volunteering mission took place in Yemen. Two years ago an Italian mission came to attend the Second Conference of Cardiology, which was held in Sana’a. This mission came with the objective of doing similar surgical operations. They made about six operations on children, and X-Rays for about a hundred patients. The present Italian Medical mission is from the high center in Italy. It will spend ten days in Yemen, and are scheduled to leave the country on Wednesday, October the 27th. Their aim is to strengthen the relationship between Yemen and Italy and offer whatever they can to the Yemeni public regarding heart surgeries and other similar medical services.
As the Yemen Times, on behalf of the Yemeni people, we thank the team for their significant efforts, who definitely changed the lives of all the patients they made surgeries to. It is worth to mention that the italian Surgeon made the first open heart surgery to a Yemeni patient after 15 years. This indeed was a historical moment for Al-Thawrah Hospital, which also deserves to be thanked for its efforts, and for the team as well. Al-Thawrah Hospital Manager also hoped that the team will be able to attend the third medical conference which will be held in March, 2000 in the Capital Sanaa.