SPECTACULAR! [Archives:1999/45/Last Page]

November 8 1999

Spectacular! One cannot think of a better word to describe the glory and fascination of the festivities that took place in the last several days. They were indeed “spectacular.” The celebrations continued for their third week with various cultural and musical activities. So far, all the scheduled programs went on smoothly and on time as follows: 
– October 21: festive meeting in the Yemeni-German Friendship Association, Goethe evening. 
– October 23: official ceremony on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the resumption of diplomatic relationship and continuous co-operation between Yemen and Germany 
– October 23: opening of the exhibition on Yemeni-German development co-operation was celebrated, exhibition was open until November first 
– October 23: launching of the commemorative book on the occasion of the double 30th anniversary 
– October 24: opening of the German film festival and announcing the awards of the literature competition 
– October 25 till October 28: German film festival with a very good response (almost full every night) 
– October 26: meeting of Yemeni NGOs in the House of Friedrich Ebert Foundation with German co-operation officials 
– October 27 and 28: co-operation consultation 
– November 1: concert of “Lose Skiffle Gemeinschaft Leipzig-Mitte” and dancing of a Yemeni group in the Yemeni cultural Center that went on in a marvellous atmosphere. The cinema Hall (606 seats) was packed up with no spare places. 
– November 2 till November 5: German food festival and German music in the Taj Sheba hotel -Yemen Times was a sponsor- with food from three different German regions (Hese, Bavaria and North Sea) and music from Leipzig. 
However, that is not all. Yesterday, at 11 am, an exhibition was opened in the Old city (House of Friedrich Ebert Foundation) on “Yemeni wooden doors” by Traugott Wohrlin and “German impressions” by Fuad Al-Futaih. 
Today, the exhibition has opened its doors to receive visitors every morning from 9 to 11 a.m. (except fridays) for the public until November 28. 
The pictures of Mr. Wohrlin will be sold and the money gained to be contributed to a Yemeni social project. Prices are available at the exhibition. 
On Monday, November 15, a conference in Sana’a for Yemeni former scholarship holders in Germany who are now working at different Yemeni universities will be held in the Hadda Hotel. The conference will then be repeated in Aden on Wednesday, November 17. These two conferences are organized by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange programme). The Secretary General of DAAD, Dr. Bode will come to Sana’a for the conference as well as a Bundestag parliamentarian, Ms. Antje Hermenau and some German professors. The delegation will also visit the university of Taiz. 
The festivities have given a colorful picture of our special relations, and signalled a great event that can only be surpassed by the 50th anniversary! 
The Musician Band (Taj3mitnamen) Consists of the members (see photos): 
Massa (Michael Grosswig): the only real musician, plays saxophone, clarinette, percussion 
Stiffen (Stiffen Pfennig): technician, plays the big bass 
Jurgen the philosopher (Dr. Jurgen Kunz): philosopher and poet, plays trumpet, flutes, sings and is responsible for the lyrics 
Emma (Gerald Biehl): works in the cultural department of Leipzig’s City Hall, plays wash board, percussion, kazoo und does the German moderation 
Django (Matthias Graf): works in the cultural department of Leipzig’s City Hall, plays banjo and guitar, responsible for the financial and organizational work 
Gert (Gert Steinert): dentist, plays guitar, kazoo and sings sometimes 
Hansa (Hans-Walter Molle): has been director of the most famous cabaret of Leipzig, president of the Skiffle group, sings and plays guitar, romantic 
Apollo (Dr. Matthias Dietsch): Africanist (studied African languages especially Amharic), sings and plays accordion, he is the decorative team aspect (therefore Apollo).