Spectacular celebration expected next week in Hadrmout [Archives:2005/843/Front Page]

May 19 2005

Al-Mukalla, the capital of Hudramout , in 2005 is not as any body has ever seem it before. This year it has been chosen to host the celebration to mark the 15th anniversary of the unification. In comparison to Sana'a and Aden where many similar celebrations have take place, the largest governorate hasn't been ready for this great event. As result, it has become a big beehive where more than 30 construction companies are now working at their utmost for the purpose of getting it ready by 22May. Yet, the short time has driven the workers to work round the clock and rotate the work so as no one gets tired. Now as the time gets closer and close, it seems, the city is up to challenge. In the same way, many projects, which haven't been accomplished for years, are now off within months by hard working. Buildings that overlook the main streets are rebuilt, decorated and painted. Roads from the airport to the city centre were covered with grass. The governments has prepared spacious, comfortable, furnished house for the guests. On the other hand, many of local traditional folklore and dance are invited to participate in the celebration. These teams will give the guests a flavour of the Yemeni heritage and culture. Moreover, the unique Hadrami dance will be introduced to the high-profile audience. They will have an idea about the richness and variety of the Arabian Felix.

Influx of official visits

Just after the announcement of this year's celebrations hoister. The oil-rich governorate has witnessed unusual flurry of the official visitors. President Saleh along with many other senior government officials paid regular and abrupt visits to Al-Mukalla. The successive visits rejuvenated the organizers to redouble their efforts. The president and the ministers stressed on one thing ” we look forward to seeing the city ready on 22May”

A man of an iron will

Tarim, Sayun, Al-Gatin and other cities are also at sixes and sevens. The deputy governor for valley and desert affairs, Mr. Ahmed Junaid Al Junaid, monitors the construction works personally. At the same time, schools and sports clubs are organizing cultural contests and football tournaments. The activities are times to coincide with the greatest day in the Yemeni calendar.

Positive reaction

Most of the people in Hudramout are rejoining and keeping their fingers crossed with the celebration. They are satisfied and happy about the giant projects that are being completed such as Al-Mukalla ravine.

Anees Thawban, teacher of geography said ” it has ever been f fascinating, but now within days, it will be more fascinating than ever before, now it looks like a bride”

Ali Al- Attas, 27, a computer programmer, spoke about the financial advantages of the upcoming days “The on-going work will be a real boon to the people of Hudranmout from which all the people will benefit”

“Three months of demanding crash work offered many jobs for the people in a region where the unemployment rate has been high”

let us hope that the unprecedented 22nd May celebrations in Al-Mukalla will win it a place of pride in the map of Yemen in the years to come.