Spectacular Start of Sanaa Trade Center’s 2nd Festival [Archives:2000/30/Local News]

July 24 2000

Last Friday marked the start of the second Shopping Festival of the Sanaa Trade Center (STC), which is the largest and most prominent shopping center in Yemen.
Tens of giant companies participated in the festival of the STC by providing sponsorship to the event which is considered the largest ever shopping festival of its kind in the country. The first and most prestigious prize of the festival is a brand new automobile, plus tens of valuable prizes in the form of jewelry, electronic equipment, cloths, and accessories.
The festival, which will last 16 days and end on the 7th of August, will include several musical activities plus competitions for children.
It is worth mentioning that Yemen Times was among the most influential and significant sponsors of the event, as it sponsored the STC’s 2nd festival with a special competition of its own, which was allocated several valuable prizes in total value of more than half a million rial (see last page for details.)
The event attracted a huge number of visitors and shoppers during its first three days, and is expected to receive more in the upcoming festival days, which will include great activities, with pleasant surprises.
The first draw of the STC’s competition’s prize winners will be held today, Monday July 24, and they will be receiving several valuable prizes.
The draw of the Yemen Times competition however, will be held on the 7th of August, the last day of the festival.