Spectacular Success of the Yemen Times Tourist Guide [Archives:1999/42/Local News]

October 18 1999

This encouragement by the readers further pushed the staff’s motives to release more supplements.
The Yemenia Airlines are expected to have these guides placed in front of every passenger on its airplanes as part of the government’s efforts for the promotion of tourism for the country.
We have received many complements regarding the guide, here is one of them:
“Dear Yemen Times,
We thank you for all the faithful and frank efforts that you have made in terms of renewing the design and excellent layout. I wish you all the success in the future.
I also particularly thank you for your support to the tourism sector through your articles and through your wonderful tourist guide that you recently released. I present you this letter of gratitude and wish that you will continue supporting the tourism sector in Yemen.”
– Munif Mutahhar Al-Aghbary, Taiz