Spending at fishing ministry in murky waters, says report of Parliament [Archives:2004/708/Business & Economy]

February 2 2004

Mahyoub Al-Kamaly
A parliamentary report reveals that the total amount of financial violations of the Ministry of Fish Wealth and some establishments and sectors affiliated to it during the past period amounted to YR 95 million.
The report that was prepared by the parliamentary committee of agriculture, fish and financial revenues made it clear that the results of reviewing spending of the ministry's headquarters office and the support fund for the fiscal year 2001 were spent in illegal ways, such as travel allowances and for renting a building for ten months although the ministry did not benefit from using it.
The report depended on a memorandum of the public property prosecution that the central apparatus of audition and accountability on embezzlement other sums of money and cutting arrears of employees without paying them, while an amount of YR 12 million was spent on paving the road of Shaqra-Abyan that was build directly without announcing a tender about it. That is in violation oft he law of tenders and biddings.
The report also indicated that the asset of consignments was not settled. In the end of 2001 the amount of assignments reached YR 31 million. The accountancy archives were found to contain payment vouchers that had basics at the accountancy archives.
The parliament report has also mentioned about violations committed at the state establishment of fish services and marketing till the end of 2001, among which debts exceeding YR 30 million that had not been repaid and more than one million rials as assignments that were not settled in addition to not paying an amount of more than YR 26 million in payable of employees. There were discovered some spending fields worth more than 14 million rials and carrying out purchasing dealings violating the law of contracts and biddings at an amount of YR 2 million, 218 thousand and 669 hundred.
On the state establishment of coastal fishing in Aden governorate the report mentioned that the establishment had during the year 2001 had written off about seven million rials from the establishment's assets without seeking the finance ministry's approval and was found that there missing assets worth of 17 million rials.
In 2001 the fiberglass factory sustained a loss of more than YR 9 million because of absence of audition on the factory's production of boats and the establishment sustained a loss worth YR 15 million in boat production. And in Mahra governorate it was found out that those in charge at the establishment had expended money amounts unlawfully.
These violations are deemed very small of the corruption deeply spread in some state bodies and establishments for which the government is now seeking to put an end to it through implementing a comprehensive program for financial and administrative reform.