Spirit of youth essential for growth [Archives:2003/05/Local News]

February 4 2003

Prime Minister Abdulkadir Bajamml emphasized the role assumed by the young people in the country as an essential means to national growth and advancement.
Appearing in the foundation conference of the General Yemeni youth union, the prime minister called participants to boost the spirit of dialogue tolerance and democratic principles among the young people and to augment the level of participation in various economic, social, political and educational activities in the country.
Meanwhile, Ba Jammal also launched the president’s project of computer education among students and other social groups and also the provision of free Internet services to the public.
This has come during the opening ceremony of the first workshop organized by the Ministry of Communication on Information technology and its close relation to the ongoing process of national development.
Ba Jammal underscored the urgent need to embrace the latest scientific technology in the area of information, calling the younger generation to join hands with the government to achieve growth and keep pace with the rest of the world.