Spoiled and hazardous material reported [Archives:2005/820/Local News]

February 28 2005

A parliamentary report from the Central Organization for Control and Auditing reveals there are great quantities of expired materials in the storage facilities of the Aden Public Water and Sanitary Disposal Corporation, the Emulsion and Paints Company, and the Oil Products Distribution Company.

The report said the materials can cause damage to public property, besides posing environmental risks, especially from the chemicals, gas cylinders, and oils and greases.

The report also indicates that debt on subscribers to the water service has been accumulating.

Meanwhile, Parliament reviewed the opinion of the Committee for Legal and Constitutional Affairs on the Cabinet's Decree No. 112 for the year 2004, which ordered the separation of the Aden Container Terminal from the Free Zone. The committee recommended non-separation.

The Parliament also listened to the report of the Defense and Security Committee on amending Act No. 10 for the year 2001 concerning the establishment of the Police Academy.

The Act consists of 98 articles distributed on four chapters, of which Articles 45, 52, 57, and 98 were subject to modification.