Sponsored by Pampers, Al-Otaila to Bike Around Yemen [Archives:1999/48/Sports]

November 29 1999

Nassry A. Al-Saqqaf,
Yemen Times
The Yemeni traveller, Abdullah Al-Otaila has covered a major portion of the Republic of Yemen for a month on his bicycle. He raised the motto “no poliomyelitis.” This motto aims at improving and creating awareness in people to immunize their children.
The traveller will go around the country for the second time under the sponsorship of Pampers. Pampers will support this traveller to cross 4,000 km on his bicycle under the motto: “I am Yemeni, this is my country, and I have to participate in national activities in my own way to make people conscious about the dangers of poliomyelitis disease.” The traveller, who is 27 years old has the experience of many adventures on his bicycle which took him to different parts of the country, the Middle East area and to the Mediterranean Sea. All these expeditions were intended to improve the awareness of people about activities in the Republic of Yemen.
At the ceremony organized at Procter and Gamble (P&G), the producer of Pampers was full of warm appreciation for this traveller and his nationalist aims. In the presence of a number of managers and employees including the manager of marketing Mr. Faris Al-Sumairi and journalists General Manager Mohammed Samir pointed out that the company supports social and health activities and any activity which serves society and contributes to its development.