Sport Activities On the Anniversary [Archives:1997/41/Sports]

October 13 1997

of The Revolution
Aden: The Ninth Championship of Athletics: On the anniversaary of the Yemeni Revolution, Yemen athletics Federation is going to organize its ninth championship in Aden on14 October,1997. The federation will be preparing for the fifth championship of athletics which to be held in November in which all the governorates will participate in. It is worth mentioning that the Yemeni athletics teams in Aden was able to achieve the championship of the Republic four times since 1991.
Lahej: Soccer Tournaments Organized by Radafan Sports Club Radafan city witnessed matches of soccer tournaments organized by Radafan Sports Club on the occasion of the Yemeni Revolution. 16 soccer teams were seen to participate in those zealous matches. All clubs seized the opportunity to parade and show off their skills. As well, preparations have been going on to hold a sports festival which include a number of athletic games and activities.
Hadhramout: Hadhramout Sports Activities Last week activities concluded by the union club winning over the Al-Tilal team, organized by Al-Qatan Club. On the other hand, it is expected that Dr. Raweh, Minister of Youth and Sports will lay down the corner stone of the Sports Club Building of Al-Qatan next week which comes within the activities and festivals of the October Revolution.
Saddah: The Youth Festivals of the Governorate For the first time in the history of the Saddah governorate, thousands of people gathered to participate in the youth festivals and sports of the governorate held last week in the city stadium. The festival was attended by the Minister of Youth and Sports, Dr. Yehya Al-Shuaibi, the Minister of Education, Mr. Ali Hameed Sharaf Minister of Electricity, Governor of Saddah and a number of senior officials and tribesmen. More than 3000 youth participated in the activities representing scouts, clubs, schools, and individuals from the armed forces. Meanwhile, the governorate rejoiced the happy moments of inaugurating the project of building the stairs of the stadium being financed by Youth Fund. It is estimated that its cost was around 16 million Rials.
Sana’a: Vice President Abdo Mansur Hadi Attends The Youth Festivals In Sana’a The activities of last week witnessed the starting of festivals under the auspices of Vice-President Abdo Mansur Hadi on the stadium of Al-Thawra on the occasion of September and October Revolution. Dr. Raweh and Sana’a Governor were in reception of Vice-President. More than 8,000 youth participated in the festivals representing various sectors of youth, scouts, clubs, and schools. The opening was a fantastic and artistic parade mixed with public songs, anthems and shouts greeting the occasion.