Sport Seminar Sport For All = Health For All [Archives:1998/35/Sports]

August 31 1998

Dr. Abdulwahab Raweh, the Minister of Youth and Sports, launched the scientific seminar “Sport For All = Health For All” at the Studies and Research Center last Thursday. The seminar included two lectures. The first, entitled ‘the sport’s role in developing the society,” was delivered by Dr. Hamood Al-Odi, sociology lecturer in Sanaa University. The second lecture was delivered by Yahya Ali Al-Thawr, a top surgeon at the Brain and Nervous System Center in Germany. He shed some light upon the bad effect of qat and smoking on the brain and the nervous system.
Some 400 young men from various sports clubs as well as sports officials attended the seminar.
Mr. Hassan Al-Khowlani, the head of the Sports For All Association mentioned that sport is the cheapest means for fighting diseases. Therefore, his association has established 9 summer centers in all governorates.
Dr. Hamood Al-Odi highlighted the big role of the Sports For All Association within the Yemeni society, stressing that regular exercise protects youth from deviation.
Dr. Yahya Al-Thawr indicated that the most pressing health problem facing Yemeni youth nowadays is due to smoking and chewing qat as well as the economic situation.
According to the above-mentioned topics, Mr. Hussein Al-Awadhi, chairman of the Yemen Olympic Committee, put forward some suggestions. He recommended that medical lectures should be delivered to deal with qat and smoking, and more sports halls and stadiums should be established.