Sports Festival Celebrated in Taiz [Archives:2004/771/Local News]

September 9 2004

By Taiz YT Bureau
The fourth sports and cultural festival took place on Tuesday 7th September at Al-Shohada'a hall in Taiz. The celebration started with the recitation of verses from the holy Quran and then a parade of participating teams and scouts on the occasion of the national commemorations of September 26th, October 14th and November 30th. “These parades are a wonderful Yemeni display”, said Mr. Shokri Al- Forais, General Manager of the Yemeni Company for Ghee and Soap Industries (YCGSI). He praised the activities and competitions arranged throughout the Festival, adding that the festival is organized by the Sports Union, supervised by the Youth and Sport Office in Taiz, and sponsored and financed by YCGSI.
He also stressed that such sports and cultural championships is a way of discovering youthful talent and ability in Taiz and other rural areas. Encouraging and creating opportunities for activities like this makes an effective contribution to sport and the cultural scene in the governorate, and the support offered by companies to cultural and sporting activists is a reflection of their community spirit – as demonstrated by the Hayel Saeed Group. Our youths deserve such luxuriant support from our hearts, Mr. Al-Furais added.
The celebration was attended by Assistant Deputy of the Governor of Taiz, Mohammed Al-Ansi, Military Police Commander and a number of prominent persons among whom was Mr. Mokhtar Al- Forais, Information Consultant at the YCOSC, Dr.Ridha'a al-Kazdaghli, and Mr. Zaid Al- Nahari, Manager of the Information Office of Hayel Saeed Group.