Sports in Ramadhan [Archives:1998/02/Sports]

January 12 1998

During the holy month of Ramadhan, many clubs in the governorates host various cultural and sports activities. The youth and club members are directed to do charitable deeds. Yemen Times observed a few of these activities in some of the governorates:
Sanaa One can witness many cultural and sport activities at the Ahli Club of Sanaa during Ramadhan. The club hosted a football championship for Sanaa city in addition to a special football tournament between the club youths. The Martyrs Chess Championship is now being held at the Military Sport Association as well as the late Al-Hemi Championship which is held annually at the Ahli Club. The club is also organizing basketball and table tennis championships. The Hawaii Tourist Club is organizing the first body building championship on 18th of Ramadhan on the stage of the Yemeni Center for Studies and Research. This championship is sponsored by Mr. Zeid Al Qasmi, vice-president of the Yemeni Body Building Association. Al-Shaab Club is also organizing its annual wrestling championship on January 13th. Some players from Sanaa will participate under the auspices of the Wrestling Association. The club managements have formed committees for identifying poor families and supporting them. The managements also urge the wealthy men of the clubs to support the poor.
Aden: The Yemeni Football Association branch in Aden is organizing the Al-Mareesi Annual Championship which is sponsored the Youth and Sports Office in Aden. Shamsan, Al-Wahda, Al-Shu’la, and Al- Tilal clubs are participating in this championship.
Taiz: The Ahli Club of Taiz is holding its annual cultural contest in which the governorate’s schools are participating. These cultural activities confirm the ties between culture and sports. The members are encouraged to prepare periodical publications through lectures being held at the club.
Hodeida: The clubs of Hodeida are interested in holding sports activities as well as cultural contests among sportsmen in the field of general knowledge. These contests will last from the 5th to the 22nd of Ramadhan and the Hilal, Al-Jeel, Ahli, Nasr al-Qotei’ and Bajel clubs are participating.
Hajja: Sports and cultural activities started with football and volleyball as well as cultural contests. It is worth mentioning that these sports activities in the Hajja governorate are in great demand. Some clubs such as Al-Farooq, Al-Zubeiri and Al-Fat’h are participating in these activities which will last until January 20, 1998.
Ibb: There are various activities in the Ibb governorate in the field of sports, culture and charity. Some symposiums and lectures are being held with emphasis on the religious and social aspects. Football, volleyball and basketball games are scheduled. The Ibb governor directed the formation of a social committee for the honest identification of poverty stricken families. He allocated YR 500,000 for the purpose of helping these families. The Ibb governor suggested holding an open cross-country championship.
Amran: Sports tournament and activities which are under the auspices of the Amran Cement Factory are continuing. Many teams are participating, such as Al- Majd, Al-Sharara, Al- Qadisiya and Al-Wahda and those involved in football, volleyball, table tennis and chess. Last Thursday, there were cultural contests between the teams of Al-Quds, Al-Zubeiri and the Amran Cement Factory. Similarly, many cultural and sports activities have continued in Dhamar, Hadramaut, Bajel etc.