Sports In Ramadhan at [Archives:1998/04/Sports]

January 26 1998

Al-Ahli Club
Al-Ahli Club of Sana’a always organizes many cultural and sports activities during Ramadhan to attract young people who participate in these kinds of competitions. Al-Ahli Club emphasizes through these activities that the role of clubs are athletic, educational and cultural.  Yemen Times has attended competitions of different sports, such as football, volleyball, basketball, ping pong and track and field.  Yemen Times followed these competitions until the end last Friday in the presence of the Minister of Youth and Sports and several other sports officials.
Here are some interviews with some players, organizers and cultural personalities about the importance of these activities during Ramadhan.
Hussein Tantan, the Sports Activities Committee Director at Al-Ahli Club said: These Ramadhan competitions have been held in the club for the past 18 years to attract young people and engage them in useful activities.  Many young men rush to register for participation in these activities every year before Ramadhan.  They come from different areas and there are some foreigners and soldiers.  There are 20 sports teams, which we divide into 5 groups.
As far as supporting sports in Ramadhan is concerned, added Husain, “The facilities offered to the club are not really that sufficient. We try much to make competition in different sports available to all participators. For the purpose, we call on all Yemeni financiers and businessmen to support sports. Sports will help our young men to spend their leisure time in what is beneficial for them and for the society. And this, of course, will qualify them to be good members in the society. It is to assure the proverb; Good mind is in healthy body. ”
Motahar Taqi, under secretary of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, member of the national club : “The cultural and sport activities held by the national club in Sana’a and other governorates will play a distinct role in developing the youth sector, especially that these activities are in a sense of an educating process. Youth sector, nowadays needs to be paid more  attention from official and public organizations. The national club is one of the authorities that sets sports and cultural activities for the purpose of education. The great number of young participators of all ages assures that these activities, side by side with the cultural competitions, will help a new good generation exist.
Mohammed Al-mahaqiri, an official member: “The purpose behind these activities is, in general, to reactivate all kinds of sports during Ramadhan. In addition to the various sport activities, in football, basketball, volleyball, chess, tennis and body building, several cultural and scientific seminars are held. Usually, when these activities came to an end, the management of the club manages with the Yemeni Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Youth and Sports to reward the champs and the winners. Such activities are a good chance to improve our son’s intellectually and physically.”