Sports Meetings in Abyan [Archives:1998/03/Sports]

January 19 1998

The administrative boards of several Abyan sports clubs held evening meetings on Thursday, January 15th at the Hassan Club in Abyan. The meetings were presided over by Mr. Wa’ara Awadh, the Youth Office director in the governorate. The participants discussed the Youth Offices action plan for 1998, which includes various activities such as following up the construction of the new Taiz club. The participants also presented their problems and several suggestions to improve the sports conditions in Abyan as well as activating the administrative sports boards of the clubs. The Awadh stated that sports club administrators do not benefit from the olympic training courses for coaches and referees. “They should discuss that matter with the administrators in Ministry of Youth and Sports and explain their problem about the low financial support allocated for the sports associations in Abyan,” said Mr. Awadh.