Staggering information on Crimes in Yemen [Archives:2002/05/Local News]

January 28 2002

The Yemeni Ministry of Interior released a staggering report on the status of security and level of crimes in the country. The report warned against the alarmingly increase in the number of organized crimes topped by banditry among tribes and infiltration of people from African-origin mostly from the Horn of Africa. The infiltration of these people to Yemen without undertaking medical screening still contributes another risk, represented by the spread of dangerous diseases in the country. The report added that most of those illegal immigrants are involved in drug-trafficking and different kinds of organized crime.
The number of crimes in 2001 totaled 36196. Sana’a, Taiz and Aden reported the highest number of crimes, 11017, 3932, and 2692 respectively.
Kidnapping incidents in the same year amounted to 179. Most of the kidnapping incidents took place in the Capital Secretariat (113), Sana’a (12), Dhamr (10), Hudaidah (16). Regarding the explosion incidents the report mentioned that there had been over 384 explosion incidents. The Capital Secretariat recorded the highest number of explosion incidents with 82 explosions, Sana’a governorate 48, Ibb 63, Sa’ada 54.
More than 981 cars were reported missing within the year 2001 and as usual the capital Sana’a topped the list of the stolen cars. Aden ranked second in the number of car stolen in the previous year with 65 cars followed by Taiz 50 cars.
The acts of banditry have also soared within the year 2001 as more than 143 cases were reported in the Capital Sana’a, 5 in Lahajj and Hudaidah and 3 in Aden. Similarly, more than 129, 74 and 40 acts of banditry were perpetrated in the governorate of Sana’a, Amran and Mareb respectively.
The report also mentioned that fraud-related incidents reported within the last year totaled 99 cases. The Capital Secretariat recorded the highest number of frauds with 38 cases, 10 in Hajja, 29 Sa’ada and Aden, and Hudaidah 5 cases.
The number of offenders who have been detained for several charges totaled 34540. The report also mentioned that the number of human casualties doubled in the last year as a result of the increase in the number of crimes perpetrated as well as the new methods used in committing them, as more than 1757 were reportedly killed within the previous year and 1014 were also injured.