Starting from next year,Branching cancelled and new schools for elites [Archives:2005/875/Local News]

September 8 2005

In a special release to Yemen Times, Dr. Abdulsalam Aljofi, Minister of Education , confirmed that branching in Secondary schools (scientific -literal), will be cancelled starting from the next academic year 2006-2007. This will be in accordance with the new policy of the national strategy for development of secondary education. The Ministry is now studying this strategy in light of the regional and international changes especially after entry of Yemen into the Educational Arabic Gulf office, with special consideration for our national principals.

The minister pointed out that his ministry will open special schools for the elite, after positive experiences with the Baihani and Aden secondary schools.

Distinctive students of the basic certificate will join these schools, and other classes for distinctive will be opened in some of the model schools in a number of governorates, until full schools are opened for those talented and elites.