Starting Next Week The Yemen Times Will Take on a New Look! [Archives:1999/31/Front Page]

August 2 1999

Next week will witness drastic changes to the looks, layout, and printing of the paper. The major changes to the paper will be as follows: 
– The printing of the paper will be enhanced because it will be printed in another printing house, which will add to the quality of the contents in text or graphics, thus making advertisements and graphical pictures more attractive. 
– There will be improvements in the layout and categorization, which will be based on the latest survey results published on paper and on the Internet. 
– A weekly competition will be held every week, and prizes will be distributed to winners on a weekly basis. 
– New sections like (From the Internet) will be allocated for the issues that Yemenis abroad bring to the people in Yemen through the Yemen Times Site at 
– The Press Review page will be enhanced and will include news and view point articles. 
– More space will be allocated for news from other governorates, in addition to the Capital Secretariat. 
– There will be a weekly page on social, political, and economic issues that concern the man in the street (corruption, education, qat, economic effects, poverty, and other day to day issues.) This is in order to give social problems facing Yemenis in general more attention.
-More up-to-day news articles will be available from, not only local agencies, but also from international news agencies such as Reuters, Associate Press, etc. 
We aim to bringing the Yemen Times to even a higher level of efficiency and reliability. Hence don’t get surprised if you see changes in the next issue of Yemen Times. We aim to keep the Yemen Times always on the top in Yemeni journalism..