Statement on abuses at Abu Ghraib Prison [Archives:2004/740/Local News]

May 24 2004

The Yemeni Lawyers Syndicate has issued a statement condemning the heinous crimes committed by the US troops at Abu Gharib Prison and other prisons under the custody of coalition forces following the shocking revelation of photos. The syndicate also condemned the silence of Arabic regimes to what is going on in Iraq.
The syndicate calls on all Arab activates and advocates of human rights to react effectively to condemn the practices and misbehavior of the US and British troops in Iraq, in addition to what the Zionist forces are doing in Palestine in support of the US administration. It calls for bringing the perpetrators to the International Criminal Court.
As far as the Arabic regimes, the syndicate expressed its pessimism, that nothing is expected of them as far as reacting to denounce these practices.
The syndicate praised the resistance in Palestine and Iraq and prayed to God for their victory.