State’s ambassador to Yemen claims that blockade on Cuba be lifted [Archives:2009/1228/Reportage]

January 26 2009

Mohammed bin Sallam
Thirty-seven years have passed since Yemen and Cuba first established bilateral political, economic, technical and scientific relations. And such relations have become stronger over time, particularly in the areas of medical cooperation and education.

More than three thousand Yemeni medical scholars were taught by Cuban professors, either in Cuban or at Aden University while tens of thousands of Yemeni patients benefited from services offered by Cuban physicians, who really demonstrated distinctive humanitarian treatment at the various levels.

Seemingly, similar social styles and behaviors between Cubans and Yemenis helped bring peoples of both countries together. Social discriminations observed in capitalist states don't exist in Yemen. A Cuban citizen staying in Yemen feels as if he nearer to his own environment, and therefore behaves accordingly. Likewise, the nature of a Yemeni citizen is appreciated by the Cubans.

During a news conference at the Cuban Embassy in Sana'a, many journalists were attracted by statements and expressions made by chairman of the Arab-Cuban Friendship Association (ACFA) Mr. Lic Felix Gonzalez Hernandez about the distinctive friendship between Yemen and the Caribbean state that still sticks to socialism despite unfair blockade imposed by its neighbor the United States of America on it.

Speaking to journalists about why he is visiting Yemen, Mr. Hernandez said, “I visit Yemen every year. I tour several ministries