Statistics on Fish Production [Archives:2004/720/Local News]

March 15 2004

Fish production in Al-Mahra Governorate during the year 2003, according to statistics filed by Ministry of Fisheries, Al-Mahra Office, reached 75,885,921 kg of various kinds of fish, at a value of 1,585,438,250 YR.
Sardines were the largest catch, at 62.5 million kg, followed by Tuna: 6.5 million kg, Shark: 3,165,178 kg, Squid: 1,882,005 kg, lobster: 199,797 kg, and 1,365,756 kg of various other fish.
Mr. Shamlan Shmlan, Director of Al-Mahra Fishery Office, said that there are positive indicators that this year will be a good season.
On the other hand, Director of Yemeni Corporation for Marine Hunting, Mr. Ali Saeed, said that lobster production for last year until end of February of this year brought revenues estimated at 90 Million YR.