Steamed Chicken Biryani [Archives:1998/26/Culture]

June 29 1998

1) Kilo mutton (cut them 1 inch long)
2 ) 1 Kilo of long grained rice
3 ) 700 gm of onions (brown then in oil) 200 gm of onions (finely chopped)
4 ) 400 gm of tomatoes (finely chopped)
5 ) 50 gm of ginger paste (if not fresh, powder can be used)
6 ) 30 gm of garlic paste
7 ) 50 gm of green chilies (grounded properly)
8 ) 20 gm of coriander powder
9 ) 20 gm of red chilies (powdered)
10 ) 2 small bay leaves
11 ) 1 bunch of green coriander leaves
12 ) 10 gm of spicy masala powder
13 ) 20 gm kewra essence
14 ) 100 gm of wheat flour
15 ) 1 bunch of mint leaves
16 ) Ghee or oil, salt according to taste.
The rice should not be completely cooked (only 3/4) because 1/4 will be later on steamed. Remove it and keep aside. Heat the oil or ghee in a deep pan and fry the bay leaves and onions till they’re brown. Prepare a paste made of garlic and ginger (use dry ginger if you don’t have a fresh one) and green chilies. Add the mutton and a little water, cover it with a lid and let it cook till the mutton is 3/4 cooked, then add all the spices and cook till it leaves the side. Now add salt. After that in another big pan (or Pirex dish) make a layer of rice, a second layer should be of mutton, garnished with green coriander leaves, mint leaves and the brown onions. Add kewra essence, now make the layers in the same way, after garnishing the last layer, cover it with a lid, seal it with kneaded flour and seat it properly. Then let it cook for 30 minutes on the fire, when steamed properly, serve hot.
By: Mrs S Sharma