Stop removing bookstands [Archives:2004/756/Local News]

July 19 2004

Taiz Bureau
It is regarded that Taiz city is considered at the national level as the Yemeni cultural capital just as Sana'a city is currently dubbed as the Arab Cultural Capital 2004. But recently, an ill-advised decision was made to remove Taiz central bookstand situated at Tahreer street. It is a gathering place for intellectuals and readers of newspapers and magazines. It is considered the culture meeting center for a large number of journalists, writers, sports fans, artists and students. Removing this bookstand means eradicating an historic monument that has been there for almost 30 years.
The decision to remove must be reconsidered and the decision is left to Judge Ahmed Abdullah Al-Hujry, Mayor of Taiz who is known for his efforts to confront such inappropriate actions by authorities that aim at tarnishing the city's cultural heritage. If it has to be altered, it could be moved inward a little so that it would still be there.