Stop those Hatred Attacks! [Archives:2001/40/Front Page]

October 1 2001

A Canadian Arab of Yemeni origin was stabbed and beaten to death on the streets of Ottawa, the capital of Canada, last Friday morning. According to his relatives, Tariq Farooq Aman, 19, had been working overtime when he called his family saying that he was on his way. However, he never made it home.
As he was walking home at around 2:00 am on Friday in the Tanglewood area, he seemed to have had an apparent dispute with two assailants, leading to a brutal assault against him in the normally quiet Nepean subdivision. Apparently the murderers consisted of a gang of at least ten men.
No speculations have been made regarding the reason behind the dispute, but it is possible that the attack may have been related to the USA attacks that occurred in early September.
Foreign Minister Dr. Abu Bakr Al-Qirbi contacted Mustafa Noman, Yemen’s Ambassador to Canada, whom he requested investigate and follow up with the case. The authorities in Ottawa said that 35 Canadian investigators are working hard to find all evidence that could reveal the murderers.
According to, Tariq was “bleeding profusely from his head after a savage beating and staggered across a park in a futile attempt to escape his attackers, before collapsing and dying inside a condominium carport.”
The teen’s body — so badly battered that it was unidentified for most of the day — was discovered shortly after 7 a.m. Friday, just west of Medhurst Park, in the Tanglewood area, not far from Woodroffe Avenue.
The victim’s cousin, Mazen Aman, told Yemen Times that the whole family was outraged at this inhumane act. “It seemed to be a brutal act of hatred done by a number of street gangs, possibly up to ten in number. Despite the fact that Tariq was born in Canada, and considered Canada his homeland, he was yet killed because of his complexion and Middle Eastern looks,” he said.
“We are following up on the case and expect the Foreign Minister and Yemeni Ambassador to Canada to do their utmost to bring the culprits to justice,” he added.
This comes after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs received a formal letter from the Yemeni Embassy in Ottawa explaining what happened.
This is the second murder of a Yemeni in the North American continent since the attacks on NY and Washington DC on September 11th.