Stopping Clashes Between Al-Geda’an and Jahm Tribes [Archives:2001/28/Local News]

July 9 2001

Al-Geda’an and Jahm tribes, the mediators of tribes are trying to put an end to continuing clashes which erupted last week between Al-Geda’an and Jahm tribes. Two persons were killed and ten were injured in these clashes related to borderline arising of disputes. A tribal source said Yemen Times that the mediators have been making endeavors to defuse the aggravating situations for only one month. But the tribesmen are still collected in the clash sites which could lead to further clashes again. At the same time the Defense Minister, Ali Elaewa arrived at the troubled site where fifteen soldiers were killed, 38 injured and 65 people held captive in the confrontation between Bani Obieda and the military forces. There were also four death causalities from the tribesmen. The conflict has deteriorated particular between the Obiedah tribesmen who residing next to the oil fields and the local authorities has further intensified in the aftermath of the tragic accident which happened last week. The authorities asked the tribe leaders to hand over the criminals. The Obiedah tribesmen are somewhat inclined to hand over the hostages of Obiedah tribe as a preliminary reconciliation in settling the disputes.