Story Forum returns under a new YWU leadership [Archives:2005/860/Culture]

July 18 2005

After a long period of inaction, the Story Forum (Almaqah) is expected to resume its functions, said Mohammed al-Gharbi Amran. He added that in the few coming days the Story Forum will return strongly into the cultural scene as the reasons behind the inactivity have been removed. “The Story Forum will be functioning under the Yemen Writers Union which should cover all creative institutions in the country,” he said.

The Yemen Writers Union held a conference last month to elect a new board with Dr. Abdullah al-Bar as a President and Dr. Huda Ablan as a Secretary General.

Of the first achievements of the new leadership was the establishment of a social care fund to boost cultural activities and promote the literary movement.

President of the Republic donated YR 10 million to the fund when he met the new board.