Strategy of Cultural Development….forthcoming Projects of the Culture Ministry [Archives:2001/35/Culture]

August 27 2001

Adel Ahmad Al-Selwey
Saba News Agency
The Minister of Culture has recently made the final touches on the cultural development strategy and such details will be announced later. Consequently, a number of different cultural enterprises are going to be carried out, whether these enterprises are historical discoveries or manuscripts or that concerning on the discovery of antiquities. In addition to this, rehabilitation processes for some old manuscripts and new excavations were carried out to discover the buried cities. The Minister of the Culture, Dr. Abdul-Wahab Al-Rowhani, pointed out that the Ministry has successfully accomplished the principle agreement by the Parliament together with new draft laws to rehabilitate and preserve the cultural heritage in Yemen. The significance of the new draft law is to take part in supporting the cultural process in Yemen. The Minister has revealed a new plan in which the Culture Ministry wants to carry it out, aiming at establishing infrastructure for the cultural work. According to the plan, it is decided to execute it in the immediate future- to establish a huge cultural complex which includes ten constructive units. Every unit constitutes a complete cultural enterprise within the framework of a unified architectural design which reflects the nature of the Yemeni architecture. The complex is going to be divided into independent units in order to prepare the way for the donors countries to participate in establishing this huge enterprise. The complex will comprise a big hall for conferences and a huge library with superior quality and modern equipment. The library has also got a number of departments including, movies and halls, fully equipped with high standards of technology for training on the engravings and paintings of the whole Yemeni heritage. The minister also clearly pointed out that special program was well prepared in order to discuss the cultural issues with the donors countries to facilitate the necessary services so as to achieve success of this enterprise and to preserve the Yemeni cultural heritage from loss. In this respect, new contacts with the German and Dutch programs, concerning the procedures adopted by the ministry to put an end to the smuggling of the Yemeni heritage. The Culture Minister also stressed on establishing a new committee for preserving antiquities of the Yemeni heritage. The committee is set up by the social dignitaries and citizens in one of the most historical places in Yemen, such as al-Jowf. In placing great emphasis on that, the ministry is going to support such committees in order to put an end to such dangerous phenomena. On the other hand, Dr. Al-Rowhani highly speaks of the positive developments in which Yemeni-Kuwaiti relations has witnessed great improvements, describing the Cultural Kuwaiti Week (CKW) as new a change which can form dramatic shifts and also inaugurated a new phase of amicable relations and a starting-point of preparing the way for new horizons for the benefit of the two countries. Al-Rowhani mentioned that a number of joint cooperative agreements are going to be signed between the two countries in the field of education and culture, during his visit to Kuwait or the expected visit by the Kuwaiti Information Minister to Yemen. The Minister also has reiterated his call to Arabs as well as Moslems all over the world to vote for Old Sana’a to be one of the Seven World Wonders through its web site in the internet. Pointing out that Sana’a has ranked sixth after ranking fourth.