Street boys?! [Archives:2006/1003/Community]

November 30 2006

By: Nasser Alabdali
[email protected]

Life is of different colors, but one might curiously wonder: what is the color of street boys' life? Is it white, green, blue, or black? Actually, The answer of this question is in streets and to know how to answer it we need to see and then consider what is happening to that mass of people in our society.

Our society, for instance, has a quite number of houseless boys who have been already taught the art of corruption in terms of immorality. So, they become very dangerous on their society since they affectively threaten its security and stability. Some of them are thieves and the other some criminals.

Actually no one is born either a thief or a killer, but a society makes the teacher and the thief, the doctor and the murderer in terms of the absence of humanity and a wake conscience. Therefore, we should not criticize them negatively for it is not their fault rather it is ours. Thus, having stated the nature of street boys' life very shortly leads us to know what kind of color their life is enjoying.

Certainly it is black in the form of a permanent windy winter in which they are spiritually dead. Physical dead people in contrast to them are much better for they have a grave at least to sleep in peacefully. So they should be sympathized instead of uselessly criticized.