Strict Security Measures Follow Minor Explosions & Violence in Sanaa [Archives:2001/16/Front Page]

April 16 2001

Sanaa City continues to witness stiff security measures, since last week, as police and security forces are inspecting vehicles at main crossroads in the capital city of Sanaa. These measures followed in the wake of minor explosions and violence erupting after the cabinet reshuffle. An explosion occurred in Haddah last Saturday causing panic among the residents. On the same day, there was an explosion in the car of Tawfeek Mohammed al-Harazi, a leading member of Yemeni Teachers’ Syndicate while he was driving in al-Zubairi Street, Sana’a. The boot of the car blew open and burst into flames. Mr. Tawfeek and pedestrians panicked as they saw the car burning. Firemen rushed to the spot to put out the fire. There were attempts to assault last Tuesday at the residence of former Minister of Health, Dr. Abdulwali Nasher. This was possibly due to the frenzy in the wake of the cabinet reshuffle.