Stricter measures to issue Insulin cards Quantities not available [Archives:2004/717/Local News]

March 4 2004

Health and population office in Taiz has adopted strict measures for the issuance of cards for diabetics in order to receive their insulin medicine. New cards have been issued according to place of residence throughout the provinces of the city following a medical-check up at the General Republican Hospital. The diabetics will be able to get their insulin shots after their cards are signed by doctors and certified by the Health and Population Office, which in turn will order the release of the doses from a nearby hospital in or near the place of the residence of the diabetic. However, these measures come during the period of restricted supply of insulin.
Diabetics have called on the relevant health authorities, the Health and Population Office in Taiz, the regional office in Aden and Ministry of Health and Population, to provide the patients with the medicine regularly, including the new cards holders, and to supply the medical centers directly in order to deliver them to diabetic patients who now have cards but without ability to obtain the medicine.