Strong Commitment for the Better [Archives:1999/32/Viewpoint]

August 9 1999

You, among many, may be surprised at the changes in this issue of the Yemen Times. Though in the previous issue we notified our readers that we would be improving the layout and expanding content of the paper, we believe that the changes will be surprising. When many thought the newspaper would deteriorate, the opposite has occurred. This week we have moved to larger paper size. Some may think that this is a step to enlarge the paper alone but the truth is that it is the first step in a series of steps that aim at making the Yemen Times turn into a daily newspaper. 
We have a strong commitment to make the Yemen Times a better newspaper. The number and quality of the reports, columns and advertisements, over the last weeks show that we are doing well. But for us, that is not enough for an establishment that is willing to be strong and ever-lasting. In fact, the Yemen Times started with only two computers. Today, it stands tall with its own 3 floor building and equipment. We have come a long way that had included many obstacles and challenges. We are proud to say that we have passed them all. The main reason behind that is our strong will to go on whatever the circumstances. The founder of Yemen Times, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf, is an excellent model for us. We have learned a lot from him and it is time to show that the learned lessons are paying off. 
In a daring and confident step to improve the paper, we have added new sections and we now have a weekly competition, whose aim is to encourage Yemenis to read the paper. Renewal is a good thing for the readers of the paper. In our most recent online survey, we discovered that the readers have begun to feel bored of the same content, design, ideas, and categorization. In this issue, we have begun a well-studied effort in order to attract more readers, giving them a better view of what is happening in Yemen with more in-depth details, accuracy, and a more attractive design. 
Advertisement price rates have also been reduced compared to previous rates. The printing quality of the paper surely expresses that we are committed to empower advertisers to reach a wider range and larger number of people. 
In conclusion, we are moving, and we are moving fast. The coming weeks will show our commitment and strength as an establishment. We will prove to Yemen and the world, that the spirit of Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf is still with us. 
Even though the design of the paper has changed, the message is still the same: Reliable reporting, pushing the democratic and freedom of press values, and human rights encouraging other independent newspapers to continue their struggle and mission for a completely democratic and modern Yemen, and of course, helping Yemen move into the next millennium. Our mission is not an easy one, especially as we witness the trials and verdicts of independent and opposition newspapers more frequently these days. We are yet committed to delivering true and reliable information, no matter what the consequences. As a newspaper, our mission is to bring the facts to the public. If we were prevented from doing this, let alone not enhancing the paper, we had better close it down. 
Walid Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf