Strong Letter from the President to Eritrea [Archives:2000/05/Local News]

January 31 2000

The Yemen Times has learned that Africa Department at the Yemeni foreign ministry last week had summoned to the ministry the Eritrean charge d’Affaires and handed him a tough-worded note, accusing the Eritrean government of having responsibility for the killing of three Yemeni fishermen on the high seas in 1996, in addition to retaining a group of fishermen for more than three years, 8 of whom were released at the end of last year. 
The note demanded the Eritrean government to give full and clear clarification on such unjustifiable acts which do not serve the improvement of good neighbourly relations between the two countries. 
Following the verdict of the International Tribunal on demarcation of marine borders, the Eritreans living in Yemen began to complain about being subject to continuous harassment at the hands of Yemeni authorities. 
Yemen’s deputy premier, the foreign minister Abdul Qadir Ba Jamal surprise visit to Asmara last week represented a kind of hiding the state of disinclination that appeared after the second phase of border award. 
Some political analysts believe that there is a number of Yemenis still in Eritrean prisons since the military confrontation between the two countries over the Hanish island. We are still hoping that there are some living ones in the Eritrean prisons at a time a number of families are still hoping to find out about their missing sons since that time.