Stronger Yemen-American Military Cooperation Zinni Here Next Week [Archives:1998/49/Front Page]

December 7 1998

General Anthony Zinni, Commander of the US Central Command Theater, is expected to arrive here next week. This will be the 7th senior US military delegation visiting Yemen this year. Earlier visitors include Zinni himself, Admiral Thomas Fargo, Commander of Naval Forces at Central Command and his successor, Admiral Charles Moore, and General Fulford, Commander of the Marines, among others.
Meanwhile, Yemeni-American military cooperation has grown by leaps and bounds. This year alone has seen three joint military exercises and calls by US military vessels on Yemeni ports.
At another level, the first batch of officers in the demining operation will graduate in Aden on December 13th. Defence Minister Mohammed Dhaifallah, General Zinni, US Ambassador to Yemen Barbara Bodine, Aden Governor Taha Ghanim and others are expected to be on hand for the graduation ceremony of the US-trained 150 Yemeni demining personnel.